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Published June 23, 2021 by Nicole Burke

3 Simple Ways to Salvage Radishes Left in the Ground Too Long

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Learn all about salvaging radishes with Nicole Burke

Radishes fresh from your garden taste ten times better than the ones you can buy from the grocery store. Unless, that is, you leave them in the ground too long.

Once a radish has started to bolt and go to seed, it sends all its energy to seed production and gets really starchy. A starchy radish is a far cry from a crispy, slightly spicy one.

If you're just getting started growing radishes, check out my post on how to tell when to harvest perfect radishes. I read the time to harvest on the seed packets and set myself a reminder on my phone so that I don't forget to check on them during the window of days surrounding the recommendation.

Unfortunately, my tips won't help you very much if your radishes have already been in the ground way too long. If you happen to let your radishes go a little too long, never fear. There are still three ways to salvage them.

Option One: Cook or roast your radishes

Toss them with olive oil and some salt and pepper, and roast them like you would roasted potatoes. They actually become sweeter and pretty tasty since the cooking process breaks down some of that starch.

Option Two: Pickle your radishes

Chop up your radishes, put them in a jar, and add some vinegar and spices according to your favorite pickling recipe. Pickled radishes are great to create lots of flavor and crunchiness. They'll be perfect for topping a summer salad!

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Option Three: Use the greens

The entire radish plant is edible. That means if the root no longer holds any appeal, you can still use the greens in a salad or a stir fry. I like to wilt the greens and toss them with some balsamic vinegar, similar to what you might do with arugula.

Learn all about salvaging radishes with Nicole Burke

So there you go! Now you've got a couple of options for salvaging your radishes when they're no longer the best but you still want to eat them!

One final option if you've left your radishes in the ground for too long is to actually leave them in the garden longer and let them go to seed. Learn how to harvest radish seeds for next season.

And when you think of radishes, if your first thought is to use them in a salad, check out Gardenary's online Salad School course. You'll learn all you'll need to grow your own organic garden salad season after season!

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