Published May 16, 2022 by Annie Chubbuck

Microgreens: Garden to Table in Two Weeks

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Grow Your Own Microgreens

Microgreens are the hot new thing in super cool food trends. You’ve probably noticed them popping up on sandwiches and salads all over the place at your favorite garden-to-table restaurant. Besides being tiny and cute, these mini plants pack a powerful nutritional punch and are actually full of more nutrients than their fully grown counterparts. 

What's the BIG deal about microgreens?

Microgreens are the seedlings of common vegetables like kale, lettuce, beets, and broccoli that are densely planted and then harvested once the plants' first true leaves emerge.

These plant babies have a delicate flavor and can be used in a variety of dishes like omelettes and salads or as garnishes on pizza or pasta. Plus, you can easily grow your own microgreens indoors. 

Follow these four simple steps to grow your own microgreens.

microgreen grow tools - supplies needed to grow your own

Step 1 to Grow Your Own Microgreens

Gather your supplies

You'll need the following items to grow your own organic microgreens:

  • Shallow, wide container or seedling tray with drainage holes
  • Organic potting mix
  • Seeds - mixed microgreen seed packets or seeds from a vegetable of your choice
  • Spray bottle 
  • Sunny windowsill or grow light (microgreens need at least 4 hours of strong, direct sunlight a day to thrive)

Find our list of the best plants to grow as microgreens and links to our favorite supplies, including organic seed starting mix, grow lights, and containers, for growing your own microgreens at home.

supplies to grow microgreens at home

Step 2 to Grow Your Own Microgreens


Here's how to start your microgreens seeds:

  • Fill your container with potting mix.
  • Sprinkle seeds evenly and densely over the potting mix.
  • Lightly press the seeds into the soil.
  • Add a thin layer of potting mix on top of the seeds.
  • Using the spray bottle or a mister, moisten the soil.
  • Place in a sunny windowsill or under a grow light.
planting microgreens seeds
how to plant microgreens seeds

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Step 3 to Grow Your Own Microgreens

Watch, water, and wait

Keep the soil moist by spraying it once or twice daily. Seeds should sprout within 3 to 7 days. Once sprouted, continue to spray the seedlings, keeping the soil moist but not soaking wet.

growing microgreens at home

Step 4 to Grow Your Own Microgreens


To harvest your microgreens, use a clean pair of scissors to cut the stems at the soil level once the seedlings sprout. Rinse and strain the seedlings.

Enjoy your homegrown microgreens right away. Empty your soil blend in a composter and start again.

Growing microgreens will show you that garden to table in two weeks is actually a thing. The best part? Microgreen seeds can be sown continuously all year round for fresh greens every two weeks!

Learn more about growing your own microgreens at home with our series of online video lessons through your Gardenary 365 membership.

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Microgreens: Garden to Table in Two Weeks