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Published February 11, 2020 by Nicole Burke

Four Reasons to Have a Purpose for Your Business

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One of the best things I did for my business was to decide on a mission that was bigger than my mission, something I could care about and aim for that was far beyond anything my business alone could accomplish.

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I want to give you tips and tricks and tell you some of the backstory of my business growth through this video series. I'm so excited about it. One of my biggest passions is creating business opportunities for women. Especially women who want to stay home or serve their families (their parents or their children or their siblings).

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My dream is to help over a thousand gardeners start their own garden coach business over the next three years.

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The number one lesson that I can teach you ever about business is to have a purpose bigger than your business. So, as soon as you start to think about the business you want to grow or if you already have a business, my number one thing I'd recommend is to go ahead and pick a purpose or a mission or a “why” that's bigger than your business.

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So, you can figure out whatever genre or niche that your business is in, and then I want you to go higher and bigger than that and pick a mission that can be the banner over your business. This is super important, and I'm going to tell you four reasons why.

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My biggest “why", my bigger purpose and mission in the world, was to bring back the kitchen garden, to create a kitchen garden revival.

First, let me tell you what my bigger “why” is. So when I first started my business, it was honestly about making money. We, I, had been homeschooling my children and had asked if I could stop doing that and put my kids into school. Well, for, you know, lots of reasons, we ended up with two in private school for one year. That was about twenty thousand dollars that my family was not prepared to spend, and I'd been homeschooling them, so I'd only been working part-time as a consultant. So, definitely not making $20,000 to pay for private school.

When I first started my business, it was honestly out of desperation to make money, and oftentimes when we start a business that is the ultimate, the main momentum, and motive that we've got behind our business growth. It’s that we want some money, and that's good, and obviously we need money. Money is a good thing, and I'm so thankful for everyone who has allowed me to support my family, buy my family a van, take care of my kids, put my kids through private school for that one year (they’re all in public school now, yay!). But money won't keep you going, and money will not get you through the hard times.

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If you've read the statistics, you know, that most small businesses don't make it past the second year, and that's because probably a lot of them are focused on money and not on a mission.

What I found, soon after I started my business, is that I needed a bigger mission. I did love gardens. I definitely cared about people, but I soon honed in on a very specific mission, which was to bring back the kitchen garden. As I worked through my business, I realized a kitchen garden was something that had been a part of human civilization for centuries but that we’d lost it over the last century, and suddenly I became very specific and very purposeful in my messaging and in all the things that I did.

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That's my mission, and my businesses, both Rooted Garden and Gardenary, fit underneath that bigger mission.

So Rooted Garden designs, installs, and maintains gardens for clients in Houston, Texas, and then my online business Gardenary trains people all the way through the process of becoming a gardener and then even becoming a garden coach and a garden coach business owner.

Both of those business, though they're different in the way they're set up, have the exact same mission above them, which is to bring back the kitchen garden. Everything I do goes to that mission.

All right, so now you know how it works for me, watch this video to learn four reasons why you should have a mission or bigger purpose for your own business.