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garden design
Published April 14, 2022 by Nicole Burke

Introducing Gardenary's New Online Design Service

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garden design
raised kitchen garden
raised vegetable garden
4 Garden Classic design by Stacey Messina

Get Your Garden Design Online

Gardenary Online Design is our brand new virtual platform that gives you professional-level garden design at your fingertips.

Working with hundreds of clients and students for Rooted Garden and Gardenary has taught me that designing your own kitchen garden can be overwhelming. An online kitchen garden design combines the experience of a professional designer with the convenience of a virtual planning session so that you can plan, design, and build your own beautiful and productive kitchen garden with confidence.

After picking your certified designer, you'll receive a raised bed garden design just for you, plus a step-by-step plan you can easily follow to make your dream garden space a reality. Each design is custom to your outdoor space based on your location, your gardening priorities, and of course, your budget.

Keep reading to learn how Gardenary-trained designers can help you grow yourself and your garden.

large keyhole garden design by Cynthia Kashef
large keyhole garden design by Cynthia Kashef

What's Included in Our Online Garden Design Services

Your custom kitchen garden design comes with beautifully rendered images of what your garden will look like in your space with your existing landscaping and structures. You'll also receive a kitchen garden layout, which comes with the exact specifications of your garden, including how far it should be placed from existing structures.

They say the devil is in the details, and your online garden designer will make sure all the details are just right for you. Your garden design details include the total number of garden boxes, their dimensions, and the recommended building material based on your preferences. You'll also receive the exact measurements and amount of material needed to build your garden boxes, add the borders, and lay the pathways.

Purchasing the materials needed to make your garden boxes is easy with our custom shopping lists with links to all the materials you'll need.

garden design
garden reality

No garden is complete without a trellis to maximize vertical growing space and lend year-round beauty to your raised beds. We'll show you what type of trellis (arch, obelisk, or panel) will work best in your space based on your garden layout and total area.

Designs also come with installation details, a list of supplies needed for irrigation, and information on the 103, the best soil mix to fill your raised beds.

This should help you build a beautiful kitchen garden, but we want to ensure your beds are also productive. With that in mind, we send you information on your growing seasons based on your average high and low temperatures, seasonal plant recommendations, and helpful tips for ongoing tending, pruning and fertilizing of your garden.

"Trellis Palooza" by Stacey Messina
Shop the Gardenary Trellises Featured in "Trellis Palooza"

How Our Online Garden Design with Raised Beds Works

Whether you want one-on-one design guidance or just need help finding a starting point, our Gardenary designers are here to help you navigate your kitchen garden design journey.

Here are the three steps you'll follow during your Gardenary Online Design.

Step Number One: Show Us Your Space

When you book a session, we send you a thorough questionnaire designed to help your designer get a feel for your taste and style preferences, as well as your goals in the garden.

Select the Materials you like for Design Process

Your available space and gardening goals can help you determine how much of your outdoor space you'll turn over to a garden. Do you only have the capacity for a small border garden alongside your driveway? No problem.

Are you just getting started in the kitchen garden? Great! Your designer will take garden design for beginners in mind and create a space that will help you find quick success in the garden. They can also give you recommendations for how you might expand your growing space in the future, once you have some gardening seasons under your belt.

Our designers have worked with all kinds of spaces before, from small patio balconies with room for just one box to huge blank canvases. The design featured below fills a whopping 24 ft. by 44 ft. green space and includes a seating area around a fire pit, a fountain, and four arch trellises (not to mention eight raised beds for maximum growing space).

large potage garden design cedar raised beds by Robyn Bailey

We then ask you to submit photos and tell us all about your space. This is essential to help us get the design just right.

upload pictures of your space

Step Number Two: Choose Your Expert Designer

Gardenary has certified designers all over the US and Canada, and you get to pick which of our experts will help you create your kitchen garden. All of our designers have been thoroughly trained in how to create a unique garden design tailored to your style, budget, and needs.

Gardenary designers

Step Number Three: Get Your Garden Design

Your garden design will arrive as a beautiful ebook, complete with fully rendered pictures so you can see exactly what the design will look like in your space. Once you receive your design, you can collaborate with your designer until you’re 100% happy.

4 garden classic design with 2 paris arch trellises by Robyn Bailey
plant decorator

I LOVE it so much!! I have already started sourcing materials and can't wait to get started.

Jennie, Online Garden Design client

How Working with an Online Designer Can Benefit You

Your Designer Will Help You Put Your Garden in the Right Spot

There are many factors to keep in mind when considering where to put your garden. I know that I can easily determine where the kitchen garden should go in someone else's space, but I agonize over where to build in my own yard each time I move.

Your designer will analyze your potential locations to help you choose the most ideal spot for your garden, based on sunlight, proximity to water, and other key determiners.

The design featured below maximizes a sunny strip between retaining walls for the kitchen garden.

4-garden classic design by Juliellen Sarver
plant decorator

I am so happy with my design and my designer, Juliellen. She was a pleasure to work with and seemed as excited about the project as I am. I think we both can't wait to see it installed! The finished plan and related documents are very professional.

Joan, an Online Garden Design client

Your Designer Triple Checks All Dimensions and Materials Needed for You

Unless you work as an engineer, a pharmacist, a math teacher, or an architect, you might not have to perform calculations very often. Going from using the calculator app on your cell phone to suddenly using multi-step formulas to determine the quantity of supplies you'll need for a big project can be overwhelming, especially when you know that a miscalculation could cost you money or delay your start date.

Your Gardenary designer will make sure you have the exact measurements and the right materials. You can follow their instructions and order supplies with confidence, knowing you'll purchase exactly what you need.

Can you picture all of the greens and veggies that will grow in your space?

Let Gardenary-trained designers help you find the best location and style for your garden. We're ready to design your dream kitchen garden based on your preferences, goals, and budget.

Custom corner garden design by Stacey Messina

Your Designer Creates a Garden to Meet Your Specific Goals

You might want your garden to be as beautiful as possible. You want to be able to look out your kitchen window and feel pride at how your garden looks, or you want your garden to be a relaxing backdrop for your home office. If that's the case, your designer will ensure the garden is as aesthetically appealing as possible.

Maybe your goal is, instead, to harvest as many leaves, fruits, and vegetables from your space as possible. If this is your goal, your designer might lead you to select a different area in your yard to maximize sunlight than if your main goal were beauty. By maximizing hours of sunlight, you'll get more production out of your space. Or your designer will help you figure out how to grow as many plants in your space as possible or which plants to prioritize to maximize harvests.

Knowing what you care about most in the garden will help your designer determine the size, space, location, and budget that can work to make your goals happen.

Custom Garden Design with Paris Arch Trellises Designed by Stacey Messina

Your Designer Will Help You Select the Best Materials Available

A kitchen garden is an investment. An investment in your health, your time outdoors, your hobbies, your enjoyment, sure. But also a financial investment. As a garden consultant, I've seen many people spend money on materials that didn't hold up well over time and ended up being a waste. Or materials that leached not-so-great chemicals into the edible plants they were trying to grow.

Your designer will point you toward only the most durable, sustainable, food-safe, and beautiful materials to use in your garden space. Cedar boards, for instance, might cost you more right now than the original material you were planning to use, but they will save you money in the long run when you don't have to replace them due to warping.

Your Designer Will Make Your Garden Feel Like an Extension of Your Home

We follow specific garden design principles to ensure each and every kitchen garden is a beautiful outdoor room, something that looks as though it's always been a part of your home. Our goal is to design your garden so that it feels like your own private outdoor oasis, the space you escape to when you need some quiet time out in nature.

a large kitchen garden with two Paris arch trellises designed by Stacey Messina
Shop the Paris Arch Trellis from This Design

From garden design for small spaces to formal potagers that feature seating areas, outdoor dining, fountains, fruit trees, and more, getting a garden design couldn't be easier. Let Gardenary help guide you through every step to create a kitchen garden better than you ever could have imagined.

Can you picture all of the greens and veggies that will grow in your space?

Let Gardenary-trained designers help you find the best location and style for your garden. We're ready to design your dream kitchen garden based on your preferences, goals, and budget.

Introducing Gardenary's New Online Design Service