Meet Gardenary's Online Coaches

How Gardenary Coaching Works
Seed Plan

$30 Per Session

For the aspiring gardener who just needs some help troubleshooting in the garden. Have a few questions that you want a great answer for, this plan is for you.


20 minute video call with a one page PDF plan from your personal Garden Coach.

Plant Plan

$99 Per Session

Need a planting plan for the coming season or to make detailed plans for growing in your existing garden? This option is for you.


60 minute video call, a Gardenary calendar and planting plan matched specifically to your area, expert advice to perfect your setup and keep growing.

Garden Plan

$250 Per Session

Want a full kitchen garden design plan along with product recommendations and a planting plan for your unique climate? This is the plan for you.


90 minute video call, a kitchen garden sketch along with product recommendations and step by step instruction, a garden calendar and annual planting plan.

Gardenary Coaching is Coming Soon