Gardenary Affiliate Program

Thanks so very much for considering joining me as a Gardenary Affiliate.

My mission with Gardenary is to be a small part of a Kitchen Garden Revival. And I know I can’t do it alone. My hope is not to compete with others working in this space but to complement them and provide a way for others to benefit financially for the hard work they’ve done to grow your own loyal audience.

Gardenary provides a 50/50 split for all affiliate partners.

Our line of products is growing but currently includes:


A four module online course that teaches the step by step of salad gardening

Price: $97

Split: $49


This course comes out this Spring. This course provides the step by step to creating a kitchen garden just as Rooted Garden has done for so many clients. This is a signature course and will first hit the market later this month.

First Season Price: $197

Split: $98

kitchen garden coach society

This course teaches gardeners to

Affiliates are given full access to Gardenary courses for their review and