Kitchen Garden VS Vegetable Garden

With all this talk about the kitchen garden, I get the question a lot, 

Nicole, what exactly is a kitchen garden? Is it a garden that’s inside your kitchen?

And while the kitchen garden isn't inside your kitchen, it is a garden that's grown to be brought into the kitchen on a regular basis.  To help explain, I thought I'd compare a kitchen garden to a vegetable garden to help  you discover which one fits you best.  

Kitchen Garden vs Vegetable Garden.png


A kitchen garden is relatively small, ranging from 20 to 200 square feet.  Generally, a kitchen garden is designed inside of raised garden beds for a clean and distinct feel. 

A vegetable garden could be huge.  It's often growing sprawling fields of pumpkins, gourds, or corn.  

Cor Ten Kitchen Garden


A kitchen garden should be located near your kitchen.  The gardens are designed to be a focal point of your landscape and a central gathering place for family and friends.  

A vegetable garden is usually located further from your home due to its demand for additional space and its sometimes unsightly appearance. 

Kitchen garden near an outdoor kitchen


A kitchen garden is tended regularly. In fact, you may head to your kitchen garden three to four times per week to grab herbs or greens for that day's meals. A kitchen garden is generally tended a little at a time and the harvests are often used fresh rather than preserved.

A vegetable garden is tended more intensively with big planting, harvesting, and storing days.  

watering a kitchen garden


A kitchen garden is grown more for the experience of watching seeds become food, of enjoying the change in seasons, and having a few things to harvest and enjoy inside the kitchen regularly.  
You have a choice in a kitchen garden. You can grow a large quantity of a small variety of plants.  Or, you can grow a small quantity of a large variety of plants.  

A vegetable garden is grown almost entirely for production.  The purpose is much less focused on experience and much more toward lots and lots of produce.  

kitchen garden harvest


A kitchen garden really is possible for anyone.  Because a kitchen garden can be quite small, doesn't require intensive tending, and can be used in so many simple ways, a kitchen garden is possible for nearly everyone. 

While a vegetable garden is great because of its production and impressive output, it's just not possible for everyone. Not every person has the space or time to have a vegetable garden.  

So, what do you think?  Are you meant to have a Vegetable Garden or a Kitchen Garden?  

Being a mom of four kids and a business owner, I'll have to stick with kitchen gardening for quite a while.  The kitchen garden is my favorite part of my home, it makes cooking so much more fun for me, and gives me a spot to 'get away' in my own backyard.  But, I don't have the energy or time to tend a vegetable garden at this stage in my life.  

If you're on the fence about starting a garden this year, I hope this distinction gives you insight and encouragement that you don't have to live like a farmer in order to have a garden.  The kitchen garden really is possible for all of us and I'm excited to grow with you in your own gardening journey this year.  

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Stay tuned for more kitchen garden inspiration in the days to come.  

And thanks so much for growing with me,

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Nicole Burke