Is a Small Kitchen Garden Really Worth It?

Do you have reservations about starting your own garden because you don’t have much space? You have to check out this video to see all that’s packed inside my mom’s small 2’ x 8’ kitchen garden.

When it comes to kitchen gardening, you actually don’t need a huge area of your landscape to grow a significant amount of food.  Even just a few square feet can provide plenty of herbs and vegetables to replace many of the foods you frequently buy from the store. It’s worth it!

box of lettuce.jpg

Here is an example of what can fit into a 16 square foot gardening bed and what it will yield:

Watch this video to see how much we packed into an 8' x 2' raised garden bed. There’s so much growing in this small space-you won’t believe it.


  • 3-4 lbs. of oregano or other herbs of your choice

  • several weeks’ supply of green onions


  • Spinach equivalent of 1-2 grocery store boxes

  • Sweet lettuce equivalent of 1-2 boxes

  • Kale (three different varieties) each with the equivalent of 10-15 grocery store bunches

  • Purple Mustards with the equivalent of 10-15 grocery store bunches

  • Purple Mizuna, approximately 2-3 lettuce bags

Is a Small Kitchen Garden Really Worth It?.jpg

With any garden, the more often you harvest, the more output you’ll get.  As you harvest, be sure to make your cuttings on the outside of the plant to ensure that you get more growth from the inside.

kale harvest.jpg

If you’re interested in learning more about starting your own salad garden and packing in as much as possible, click the link below for a FREE download of the 4 Things You Need to Start Your Salad Garden right away.

Nicole Burke