Say Good-Bye to Grocery Store Herbs

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One of the first plants you can stop buying from the grocery store (once you’ve set up your kitchen garden) is oregano.

Not only does oregano grow well in the kitchen garden, it’s also super useful inside the kitchen.  Because oregano plants really like to spread out in the garden, I like to plant them in the corners. Once the stems are about 4 inches tall, you’ll know that it’s time to harvest.

Learn how to grow and harvest oregano in your kitchen garden with this simple step by step video.

As you’ll see in this video, oregano really likes to take up space. To keep the plant from completely taking over the kitchen garden, I always harvest from the back. You’ll first want to untangle the oregano from the plants around it, and then, using scissors, cut at the base.  You can harvest quite a bit from the back of the plant, to make sure the surrounding plants have enough growing room in the bed.  

Now, what to do with all this oregano?  

You can use your cuttings right away in they kitchen or you can hang and dry it.  

When drying oregano, strip the leaves from the bottom of the stem, tie with twine, and hang upside down in a dark and dry place.  Once the leaves have completely dried, you can use the leaves whole or ground for cooking.

So, start with oregano!

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Join the kitchen garden movement and just say no to grocery store herbs!  Herb growing is excellent for the beginning kitchen gardener, because all you need is a container to get started.

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Nicole Burke