Four Steps to Learning How to Kitchen Garden

Want to know how to start a kitchen garden?

This is how.

Don’t rush to the store and buy a tomato plant. Though garden tomatoes are awesome, they need at least one square foot in the garden and they won’t be ready to harvest for 60 to 90 days. That much space and that long of a growing period means there’s that much more time and space for things to go wrong.

Start with herbs instead. After planting with organic and natural plants, herbs are ready to harvest almost immediately.

Then move to lettuces, kale, and other greens. These can be planted by seed or plant and are a little more challenging than herbs but not much. Most lettuces can be harvested just 30 days after planting.

Roots are the next step in the kitchen garden. These are more complicated than lettuces as they require you to plant by seed, to be sure to thin and routinely watch your plants and to have the right soil mix for things to work well. Plus, with the exception of radishes which are faster, most root crops will take at least 60 days before harvest.

After learning from planting roots, go for fruit. Fruit includes plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, squash and more. These plants generally need at least one square foot in the garden and won’t be ready for harvest until after 60 days.

Of course, you can plant all of these at once and just go for it and that’s perfectly fine. But if you’d like a more methodical approach to learning to garden, this is it.

Many times I meet eager beginners who become convinced that they’ll never be a gardener because their tomato plant died or never produced. This method is for that person.

After teaching hundreds of beginners to start gardening and setting up more than 150 gardens with my business, Rooted Garden, I’ve developed so many systems around the process of kitchen gardening. And this is just one of them.

I taught the full system in a ‘how-to’ packed workshop and you can watch the whole thing on demand anytime. Just click the button below to learn more. And let’s start just dreaming of your garden and make it happen together.

Nicole Burke