Not So Fast with that Bug Spray!

I know garden pests can be scary, but slow down before you grab that spray bottle! Most pests can be handled easily with my simple 4 step system:

Garden Pest Treatment (1).png

  1. Prune away the damage

  2. Clear the area

  3. Add some compost

  4. Treat if necessary

Still need help? Check out my answers to frequently asked questions I get about garden pests.

Q: My zucchini patch has been attacked by aphids, what should I do?

A: Try steps 1-3 and additionally, spray with water. A strong stream helps knock them down without the use of chemicals.

Q: Any suggestions for 3-striped potato beetles?

A: Prune the lower leaves, check the base of the plant, and if necessary, use Monterey BT.

Q: I added straw mulch to my garden this year to help with soil moisture and weeds, could this be causing my pest issues?

A: Yes, I made that mistake too early on! Everyone has different experiences with straw in the garden but for me, it’s always been a hiding spot for pests.

Q: What do you mean when you say “clear the area”?

A: Essentially, clear the soil area around the affected plant. This helps you find the source of the issue and get rid of any pest hiding spots!

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Nicole Burke