Our Vision

Gardening becomes ordinary (again)


The kitchen garden is an extraordinary thing.  But, it should also be an ordinary thing.  

As common as ice cream and selfies and Netflix.

Only better for you.  

Kitchen gardening is possible for everyone who knows the right stuff, has the right tools, and grows at the right time.  

This is why Gardenary exists---to help you become an extraordinary gardener and make the kitchen garden ordinary once again.  



None of us have to look too far back in our family's history to find someone who knew how to grow their own food.  Kitchen gardens were a thing long before there were actual kitchens.  

Humans have grown food for thousands of years.  It's filled our stomachs and kept us all alive.

As you begin your own garden adventure, you'll reconnect with your own family history and provide roots for the generations that will come after you.

There are very few things that are good for you, good for the world, and actually taste awesome, but the kitchen garden is one of those things.  

So, let's grow something beautiful and make extraordinary gardening ordinary together.  


Nicole Burke
Owner and Founder