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Get the step-by-step instructions to build this easy and affordable raised bed in just a few hours with this free downloadable e-book.

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Here's All the Details You Need to Build Your First Raised Garden Bed

This book includes a full material list of boards, hardware and tools you need to get started with your first raised garden bed.

You can find all of these supplies at your local or big box hardware store.

The book also includes a step by step tutorial that guides you through each step of building your own raised bed including board measurements, cuts, and connections. The steps included here use minimal tools to make it possible for anyone to put together these beds, even if you have little to no carpentry skills.

This book also includes ideas for modifying the measurements to fit in other spaces to create a more narrow raised bed if that suits your space better.

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Build a 4' x 4' raised garden bed with these free instructions

Learn to Build a Raised Garden Bed

There's so much you can grow in just a 4' x 4' raised garden.

Raised garden beds allow you to grow more in a small space because your plants' roots have more room to spread out and expand.

In just one 4' x 4' raised garden, you can grow:

✔︎ 150 salad plants

✔︎ 15 tomato plants

✔︎ 32 pepper plants

✔︎ 16 heads of cabbage

✔︎ 90 beets

✔︎ 250 carrots

The book guides you through the steps to modify the bed to be larger or smaller if that better suits your space's needs.

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