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Where Beginner & Experienced Gardeners Grow Together

Take our Green Thumb Quiz to discover your garden type and find out how Gardenary help you grow yourself to the next level

What Step Are You On in Your Garden Journey?


Just Starting?

We love that!

Every good story has a beginning and we're so excited to be part of yours.

The Gardenary Journey begins with growing leaves, not just any leaves, but the most fragrant and delicious leaves that make your dishes go from blah to boom!

What leaves do we speak of? Herbs!

Starting off with an herb garden is the simplest way to start growing your own food and we've got loads of resources to help you do just that.

Learn the Secret to Keeping Your Herbs Alive

Watch This Short Video & Get Ready to Grow

In this short lesson, Nicole will teach you the most important thing to know about herbs BEFORE you buy one from the store. So, don't go plant shopping just yet-watch this (and then shop!).


Made it past herbs and ready to grow the next thing?

Believe it or not, we still think leaves are where it's at.

But this time, it's salad leaves that we're after.

These are a wee bit more complicated than herbs because they're more fragile plants and need to be started from seed in most cases.

But they're still low stress, don't need lots of maintenance and then they give and give and give some more.

We've Got a Workshop for You

Learn 4 Things You Need to Start a Salad Garden

Give us 30 minutes and we'll show you how you can get your own salad garden started right away (and why you'd want to)


Had some success in your garden and ready to go all in with a raised bed kitchen garden done the Gardenary way?

We like the sound of that.

Kitchen gardens are made for every level of gardener. With a raised bed, you'll be able to instantly plant and grow. And with organic methods and our intensive planting style, you'll make the most of every inch of space in your garden.

Wanna learn more about how to make your garden goals happen?

Make Your Garden Goals Happen this Year

Watch the Garden Goals Workshop

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make your garden happen this year even if you don't think you have the time, money or space to make it happen


Already experienced in the garden and ready to help others grow too?

That's why we're here!

After Nicole experienced so much success growing her own Garden Coach business, she set up the Garden Coach Society to help other gardeners do that too.

To date, the Society has trained more than 180 gardeners across North America and we'd love to help you with your own Garden Coach business too.

To get started, take the 5 Day Garden Coach Challenge and discover the potential of the Garden Coach Industry.

Want to learn more about garden coaching?

Take the Garden Coach Challenge

In this five day challenge, you'll discover things you didn't know about your own garden experience and knowledge that you can use in your own Garden Coach business. You'll be inspired to make a difference with your own profitable business right away.

Start Your Victory Garden

Get Started with Our Free One Hour Gardening Class

Make Your Garden Goals Happen in Less than 60 Days

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Follow the Gardenary Journey

Whether you're just starting in the garden, ready to set up your own raised bed kitchen garden, or eager to start your own Garden Coach business, Gardenary has a course and a plan to help you grow to the next level.


Learn to grow herbs-the simplest way to start

Start the simplest way in the kitchen garden-by growing delicious herbs


Join the Kitchen Garden Academy

Learn the step by step to set up, plant, tend, and harvest from your own kitchen garden inside Nicole's signature six week Academy


Learn to Garden Coach

Sign up for the Garden Coach Challenge and learn to grow your own Garden coach business alongside hundreds of other gardeners

Gardenary Featured in Southern Living

Create Your Own Backyard Grocery

Gardenary Featured in Southern Living

Read the article published by Southern Living and be inspired to set up your own kitchen garden this spring

Gardenary Certified Businesses are Here to Help You In Your Garden

Get Inspired to Keep Growing

Get Step by Steps & How to's From the Gardenary Blog

Want to Get Coaching Online? Book a Session Right Away

Get Started

Discover your green thumb, get matched with the resources that can take you to the next level, make a plan and dig in. Gardenary's here to help you grow.


Take the Green Thumb Quiz

5 quick questions will help us get to know you and help you get to know what's possible for you as a gardener.


Get Matched!

We'll take your quiz results and connect with you resources that will take you to the next level including an introduction to some pretty amazing Garden Coaches who can help you along the way.


Pick a Plan

Then the magic lies in your Green Thumb (or forefinger) to choose a growing plan to get started.

Have you pre-ordered your book yet?

Kitchen Garden Revival is Coming

Learn more about the book and read reviews from leaders in so many great industries here and see how you can pre-order here.

Gardenary Virtual Coaching
Kitchen Garden Design


For the gardener who wants a complete kitchen garden design including raised beds, trellises, and a planting plan.


60 minute video call, a kitchen garden sketch along with product recommendations and step by step instruction, a garden calendar and annual plant list