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Kitchen Garden Revival by Nicole Johnsey Burke

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"A few things will happen before you finish this book....

If you don't already, you'll start calling yourself a 'gardener.' It might seem awkward at first, (I've been there) but go ahead, take a moment, look in the mirror and say these words out loud:

I am a gardener.

From now on, when you introduce yourself to others, type out your bio or profile, you'll include 'gardener' in your list of attributes.


excerpt from the Preface of Kitchen Garden Revival

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Kitchen Garden Revival
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It's been a long time since I've seen such a beautiful, comprehensive and inspiring book about kitchen gardening. Nicole is right, it's time for a kitchen garden revival and this book will help you make your delicious dreams a nourishing reality.

Maria Rodale, Former CEO and Chairman of Rodale, Inc., Author of Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe
kitchen garden designed by Nicole Burke in Kitchen Garden Revival

"Kitchen gardens, though we may have forgotten the term, aren't a new concept. They've been a thing for thousands of years.

But somewhere along our way of progress, we lost the kitchen garden. With the input of technology and industry, our food systems have changed dramatically over the last century. And while not all the change has been bad, the kitchen garden is something that should've stayed."

Excerpt from the Introduction to Kitchen Garden Revival

crops from all seasons, picture by Eric Kelley for Kitchen Garden Revival
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Elevate your backyard veggie patch into a work of sophisticated and stylish art. 

Kitchen Garden Revival guides you through every aspect of kitchen gardening, from design to harvesting—with expert advice from author Nicole Johnsey Burke, founder of Rooted Garden, one of the leading US culinary landscape companies, and Gardenary, an online kitchen gardening education and resource company.

Nicole Johnsey Burke Founder of Gardenary Inc.
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An absolutely delightful read! Everything you'll ever need for creating your own kitchen garden including motivation and inspiration. Nicole makes gardening approachable and fun no matter what color your thumbs are.

Myquillyn Smith, Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of Cozy Minimalist Home
Nicole Burke's kitchen garden design in Kitchen Garden Revival
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Gardeners (and gardeners-to-be), rejoice! Kitchen Garden Revival is masterful, practical and inspirational! Fair warning: if you read this book, you won't be able to help yourself from making your own kitchen garden! Nicole's writing is as beautiful as the gardens she creates, leading us from season to season and from garden to table. A must-read!

Lara Casey, Author of Cultivate: A Grace-filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life
Kitchen Garden tools by Eric Kelley for Kitchen Garden Revival
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In this beautifully executed book, Nicole takes us by the hand and walks us down the garden path—showing us step-by-step how we can start growing our own food in simple, sensible and stylish ways. If you're brand new to kitchen gardening, this book is a great primer; and if you're an old pro, the garden designs she has laid out in relation to the home, will inspire you to rethink your own foodscape.

Summer Rayne Oakes, author of How to Make a Plant Love You: Cultivate Green Space in Your Home & Heart
Nicole Burke and client in her kitchen garden for Kitchen Garden Revival

Instead of row after row of cabbage and pepper plants plunked into a patch of dirt in the middle of the yard, kitchen gardens are attractive, highly tailored food gardens consisting of easy-to-maintain raised planting beds laid out in an organized geometric pattern. 

Offering both four seasons of ornamental interest and plenty of fresh, homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs, kitchen gardens are the way to grow your own food in a fashionable, modern, and practical way.

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Whether you are starting a vegetable garden for the first time or are troubleshooting the garden you already have, Kitchen Garden Revival is required reading. Not only is it packed with important information, Nicole's warm and tender voice guides you through each step of the growing process with encouragement and wisdom."

Lauri Kranz, Author of A Garden Can Be Anywhere
Swiss Chard Harvest for Kitchen Garden Revival

Kitchen gardens were once popular features of the European and early American landscape, but they fell out of favor when our agrarian roots were displaced by industrialization. With this accessible and inspirational guide, Nicole aims to return the kitchen garden to its rightful place just outside of every backdoor.

Amaranth family photo by Eric Kelley for Kitchen Garden Revival
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Kitchen Garden Revival is just the book I've been looking for! A fun read that makes gardening approachable, accessible and enjoyable- without overcomplicating it. With a clean layout, loads of beautiful pictures, and a relatable voice, Nicole Burke will inspire anyone interested in gardening to get outside and get their hands dirty, reminding us all that growing food is something we should be celebrating together.

Timothy Pakron, Author of Mississippi Vegan
Kitchen garden harvest in Kitchen Garden Revival book
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Kitchen Garden Revival" is certain to inspire home-cooks and professional chefs alike.As a chef, container gardening and raised beds have found their place in my kitchen gardens at my historic home, Twin Oaks, my restaurant King's Tavern and even Regina's Kitchen, a Main St. location with no land window boxes for herbs. This book will not only create a Revival of kitchen gardens but there will be a whole lot of Hallelujahs and Amens when your done!

Regina Charboneau, Chef and Owner of Regina's Kitchen
Raised bed garden design Kitchen Garden Revival

Learn the art of kitchen gardening as you discover: 

  • What characteristics all kitchen gardens have in common
  • How to design and install gorgeous kitchen garden beds using metal, wood, or stone
  • Why raised beds mean reduced maintenance
  • What crops are best for your kitchen garden 
  • A planting, tending, and harvesting plan developed by a pro
  • Season-by-season growing guides 

organic and natural soil, Kitchen Garden Revival

Nicole Burke-the Author

Nicole Burke, Author of Kitchen Garden Revival in Anthropologie Skirt

Nicole Johnsey Burke is the founder of Rooted Garden, one of the leading culinary landscape companies in the US. They’ve worked with clients to design and build hundreds of kitchen gardens and provide the knowledge and resources their clients need to grow their own beautiful and delicious kitchen garden. Based in both Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, Nicole conducts dozens of personal on-site workshops each year to share her knowledge of kitchen gardening. She’s also the force behind the website Gardenary, an online kitchen garden education and resource company that makes learning how to kitchen garden easy through digital courses and online garden coaching. Nicole’s mission is to see every family growing some of their own food and for kitchen gardens to become an ordinary part of everyday life once again. 

children in the garden, Kitchen Garden Revival by Nicole Burke
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Instead of talking about the many social, emotional, and environmental problems of our time, The Kitchen Revival offers a simple, practical way to do our part in mitigating stress, anxiety, depression, food waste, plastic pollution, and climate change – all by starting your very own kitchen garden. Since starting my own kitchen garden, I’ve had hundreds of people ask me for resources for starting their own gardens, and I’m excited to finally have an answer for them. The Kitchen Revival is a complete, detailed, and straightforward guide to planning, installing, tending, and harvesting an aesthetically-pleasing and productive garden and, best of all, it’s accessible to everyone, including the person who has never grown a seed, knows nothing about soil, and can’t imagine what to plant where and when. I think what I like best, is that Nicole doesn’t mince words – she’s straightforward and to the point, and offers a truly can-do approach to realizing the kitchen garden of your dreams.

Julia Watkins, Author of Simply Living Well

Eric Kelley-the Photographer

Eric Kelley, Film Photographer for Kitchen Garden Revival

Eric Kelley was named one of the top photographers in the country by Harper's Bazaar and Martha Stewart Weddings. He travels internationally to photograph weddings and events and is known for his authentic and delightful imagery. His work has been featured in Martha Stewart WeddingsThe KnotSouthern Living WeddingsStyle Me Pretty, and many other publications. Eric received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Virginia. His goal is to create imagery that stands the test of time in a flawless and personable way. Eric lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Learn more at 

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