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Here's What You’ll Learn

 Put your thoughts and dreams into paper

→ Look at your space and find the ideal location

→ Create a layout that allows you to walk into your space and enjoy your garden 

→ Layout your garden design so you have plenty of space to grow all the things

→ Go shopping and find resources for your own to DIY

→ Clear the ground and build some raised beds 

→ Create the best soil and irrigation system 

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When you join 365, you not only get monthly garden instruction and challenges, but you also get full access to our Gardenary course and ebook library so you can focus on one aspect of gardening at a time throughout the year.

Inside the 365 membership, you'll learn:

🌱 How to plan your garden for maximum production

🌱 How to start your own seeds indoors 

🌱 How to save thousands of dollars each year in produce 

🌱 How to grow six months of fresh and organic garden salad

🌱 How to manage pests organically 

🌱 How to create a year-round supply of organic herbs 

🌱 How to grow microgreens indoors - year round

🌱 How to grow flowers in your kitchen garden

🌱 How to prepare and cook your harvests

🌱 How to plant, care for, and harvest root vegetables 

🌱 How to grow under covers

🌱 And much, much more

Your Garden Transformation Can Be Next

Hey there!


I'm Nicole Burke

Mom of 4, self-taught gardener, dog lover, and woman on a mission. Through my company, Rooted Garden, I’ve designed and created more than 300 raised bed kitchen gardens for our clients and taught more than 1500 home gardeners to do the same around the country no matter the size of their front or backyards. And it all comes down to this... A simple 3-Step garden system that works for busy people who've never gardened before or want to take their garden design and production skills to a new level. (I know, because I'm one of those busy people!)