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Everything You Need to Garden Consistently All Year Long

Make the Garden Part of Your Everyday Life in Less than 10 Minutes a Day

Get the plan, the 'how to' and the motivation you need to make the garden part of your everyday life-every day of the year. 

Gardenary 365 is an online membership that makes the healthiest lifestyle switch possible so that you make the garden centered change FOR GOOD with help from Gardenary Certified Consultants and daily challenges that you can complete in 10 minutes or less.

365 Provides a New Garden Focus Each Month to Keep You Growing and Learning with Our Community

What's Included in Gardenary 365

  • Monthly Habit Challenge Videos so that you can build in new garden inspired health habits one at a time
  • Monthly Homework and Habit Tracker to keep you going and help you see your progress
  • Monthly Coaching from Gardenary Certified Coaches to answer your questions, show you what's possible and help you get unstuck
  • Monthly access to a Private Garden Centered Community so that you can find support, encouragement and friends as you change your habits for good
  • Monthly access to The Kitchen Garden Academy Course to help you learn everything about setting up a raised bed kitchen garden
  • Monthly access to Salad School to help you learn everything about setting up and growing 6 months of garden salad
  • Monthly access to The Herb Garden Guide to help you learn everything about setting up and growing a year round supply of herbs
  • Monthly access to the Growing Micro Greens Course to learn all you need to start growing micro greens year round

Gardenary 365 Includes Access to 4 of Our Best Courses and More!

plant decorator

I love it and it's so affordable

Gardenary 365

When you join 365, you not only get monthly garden instruction and challenges, but you also get full access to our Gardenary course library so you can focus on one aspect of gardening at a time throughout the year. 

Design, Build and Grow in a Beautiful Raised Bed Garden

In Kitchen Garden Academy, you’ll master all the steps to design, build and plant your own raised bed kitchen garden.
Kitchen Garden Academy included in Gardenary 365
plant decorator

It's sooo many resources for such a good price!


Learn to Grow at Least 6 Months of Salad Greens

In Salad Garden School, you’ll learn to grow six months of fresh and organic garden salad right outside your back door.
Salad Garden School included in Gardenary 365

Grow a Year Round Supply of Organic Herbs

In the Herb Garden Guide, you’ll set up and grow your own herbs to create a year round supply of organic herbs for your kitchen.
Herb Garden Guide included in Gardenary 365

Grow a Year Round Supply of Micro Greens Indoors

In the Micro Greens Course, you'll learn how to set up and grow delicious organic micro greens year round indoors, no matter where you live and garden
Microgreens Course included in Gardenary 365

365 Provides a New Garden Focus Each Month

Learn how to make the most of your harvests, how to save from the garden, how to compost, how to start seeds indoors and so much more. Each month, you'll get access to a new training and small habit you can build into your everyday routine to keep you more garden centered and full of inspiration to keep going.

Make your year a garden centered year!

Still Have Questions?

"I'm a beginner. Is this too advanced for me?"

This is a great place for a beginner to start. Before you begin the monthly challenges, be sure to go through the Herb Garden Guide as this is the simplest and most productive way to start gardening. From the very first lesson, you'll be starting to grow beautiful and productive plants and be excited to move on to the next step in your garden journey.

"I've tried gardening before but it hasn't worked out. Why would 365 be different?"

You will have all the educational tools to begin gardening the right way. With Gardenary's courses, live coaching and online community, we are here to support you every step of the way.

"Can I watch the courses and classes whenever my schedule makes it possible?"

Yes! All courses and classes will be available for you to watch at your convenience.

"What if I miss some days or weeks of lessons? How do I catch up?"

No worries, all material is self paced and here for you you 24/7.

"What style of gardening does Gardenary use?"

Gardenary focuses on growing in beautiful and productive raised garden beds. Within our courses you will learn how to create your own garden and plant intensively to get the most out of your garden space.

"Do I have to sign a contract or commitment to join?"

No, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Create a Garden Centered Life Starting Today