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Gardenary 365 is an online membership that gives you front row access to professional gardening courses, ebooks, and garden coaching so that you always know exactly what to do in the garden this year from starting seeds indoors to growing herbs, salad greens and even building a new raised bed kitchen garden.

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Fresh organic produce available 24/7 right at your door? Even Amazon can't do that

Southern Living on Gardenary
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I have been gardening for a long time and thought I pretty much knew how to garden- but I didn't know how much I didn't know. I was very impressed with the detail and step by step instructions in the videos I was able to speed watch, lol.


What's Included in Your Gardenary 365 Membership

You don't need to figure this out by yourself, in 365 you will access:

All Gardenary Gardening Courses

Save the guesswork, and get immediate access to all Gardenary gardening trainings to watch at your own pace.


Monthly Coaching Calls

Access monthly coaching from Gardenary certified coaches to answer your questions, show you what's possible and help you get unstuck.


Thriving Gardening Community

You'll find the support, encouragement and friends as you change your habits for good.

Access All Our Gardening Courses

When you join 365, you not only get monthly garden instruction and challenges, but you also get full access to our Gardenary course library so you can focus on one aspect of gardening at a time throughout the year.

Learn to Grow at Least 6 Months of Salad Greens

In Salad Garden School, you’ll learn to grow six months of fresh and organic garden salad right outside your back door.

Salad Garden School

Learn everything about setting up and growing 6 months of garden salad.

Seed Starting

Learn to grow seeds indoors with Nicole Burke. In this step by step course, you'll learn how to save hundreds of dollars on plants each year and grow your own plants from seeds instead.

Intensive Planting Course

Learn the Gardenary way to plant to produce the greatest amount of harvests.

Organic Pest Control

Grow your kitchen garden with confidence, knowing it will survive pests and remain productive and beautiful for many seasons to come.

Year-Round Herb Harvests

Set up and grow your own herbs to create a year-round supply of organic herbs for your kitchen.

Grow a Year Round Supply of Micro Greens Indoors

In the Micro Greens Course, you'll learn how to set up and grow delicious organic micro greens year round indoors, no matter where you live and garden.

The Cut Flower Garden Course

Learn how to grow flowers in your kitchen garden.

Kitchen Garden to Table Course

Learn different ways to prepare and cook your kitchen garden harvests.

Growing Roots Course

Learn the foundation for and techniques of planting, caring for, and harvesting root vegetables.

The Herb Garden Guide

Learn everything about setting up and growing a year-round supply of herbs.

Kitchen Garden Styles Course

Learn how to design your own raised bed garden.

Growing Under Covers Course

Learn how to extend your growing season with covers.

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It's sooo many resources for such a good price!

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Nicole Burke has believed in the power of growing your own food long before it became a pandemic pastime.

Modern Farmer

Access Our Ebook Library

The Salad Guide

In this ebook, you'll learn the step by step for every part of developing and growing (and troubleshooting) your own organic salad garden in a raised bed or other container. Each chapter is complete with full instructions and detailed graphics to keep you making progress in your own organic salad garden this season and for many seasons to come.

The Herb Guide

In this instantly downloadable ebook, you'll learn all about the main herb plant families, how to set up your own rolling steel herb garden and how to plant it full of delicious, organic herbs for both fresh harvests and preserving for year round enjoyment. 

We have helped 3000+ gardeners start and grow their garden

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I learned about the different seasonal temperatures and that certain veggies grow best in each season.

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The herb class was a huge benefit. The class that went through all the classifications and what they like too. Huge help to me.

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I learned that my garden can produce more than June, July, and August - Love it! Tracking my seasons and labeling them as hot, warm, cold, or cool - awesome information.

This is how Gardenary 365 Works

Gardenary 365 will turn your garden goals into a reality with only 10 minutes a day.


Choose Your Focus for the Month Ahead

Each month you can choose a new focus to start learning & gardening with only 10 minutes a day.


Watch Your Recommended Gardening Course

Each course will give you the resources you need to successfully grow based on your current season and location.


Join Coaching Calls for Expert Support

You'll never feel stuck in the garden. You have weekly opportunities to get your questions answered and 1-1 expert support from certified Gardenary coaches in a group setting.

Still Have Questions?

"I'm a beginner. Is this too advanced for me?"

This is a great place for a beginner to start. Before you begin the monthly challenges, be sure to go through the Herb Garden Guide as this is the simplest and most productive way to start gardening. From the very first lesson, you'll be starting to grow beautiful and productive plants and be excited to move on to the next step in your garden journey.

"I've tried gardening before but it hasn't worked out. Why would 365 be different?"

You will have all the educational tools to begin gardening the right way. With Gardenary's courses, live coaching and online community, we are here to support you every step of the way.

"Can I watch the courses and classes whenever my schedule makes it possible?"

Yes! All courses and classes will be available for you to watch at your convenience.

"What if I miss some days or weeks of lessons? How do I catch up?"

No worries, all material is self paced and here for you you 24/7.

"What style of gardening does Gardenary use?"

Gardenary focuses on growing in beautiful and productive raised garden beds. Within our courses you will learn how to create your own garden and plant intensively to get the most out of your garden space.

"Do I have to sign a contract or commitment to join?"

No, you can cancel your membership at any time.

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I'm Nicole Burke

Mom of 4, self-taught gardener, dog lover, and woman on a mission. Through my company, Rooted Garden, I’ve designed and created more than 300 raised bed kitchen gardens for our clients and taught more than 1500 home gardeners to do the same around the country no matter the size of their front or backyards. And it all comes down to this... A simple 3-Step garden system that works for busy people who've never gardened before or want to take their garden design and production skills to a new level. (I know, because I'm one of those busy people!)

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