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Grow in 2024 with Kitchen Garden Academy

Everything You Need to Design, Build and Grow Your Own Raised Bed Organic Vegetable Garden

Join thousands of students who've used the Gardenary system to create their dream kitchen garden

Here's What We'll Do Together

Design Your Kitchen Garden

Pro Guidance to Design Your Kitchen Garden

Get the step by step to pick the location, choose your layout and design a raised bed kitchen garden the Gardenary Way

Find Your Kitchen Garden Materials

Pro Help to Source the Best Materials

Don't waste your money-know exactly what's worth investing in when it comes to setting up your Gardenary raised bed kitchen garden

Build Your Kitchen Garden

DIY Your Garden Like a Pro

Get guidance every step of the garden installation process including building raised beds, clearing and leveling your space and creating a pro level kitchen garden but doing it yourself

Understand Your Seasons

Plan Your Seasons & Plants Like a Pro

Learn to understand your climate and planting potential in a completely new way

Plant the Gardenary Way

Plant Intensively and Seasonally Year Round

Create the most productive and beautiful with very little need for fertilizer or pesticide because of the Gardenary method

Enjoy Low Maintenance Tending

Discover the Busy Person's Way to Garden

Make harvesting your main task in the garden and have less stress in the garden

What's Included Inside Kitchen Garden Academy

1. THE CONSULT - Let me ask you the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to consider before you design and build your Gardenary Kitchen Garden.

2. BEHIND THE SCENES OF - See EVERY SINGLE STEP of the Gardenary Kitchen Garden Process up close and personal as you get to watch the Behind the Scenes of more than five Gardenary Kitchen Garden Installs.

3. START TO FINISH INSTALLATION - Follow along in five IN DEPTH VIDEOS of my largest kitchen garden installation to date so you know exactly what to do for yours.

1. LEARN THE GARDENARY STRUCTURES - See the Gardenary Structures up close to learn the details and requirements of each including raised beds, trellises, borders, pathways, native plants, and garden covers

2. PICK YOUR LOCATION - Follow the Gardenary process to choose the best location and layout of your Gardenary kitchen garden.

3. DESIGN YOUR GARDENARY GARDEN - Follow along with over the shoulder lessons where I show you exactly how to design your kitchen garden to be as beautiful as it is productive.

4. SOURCE YOUR GARDEN - Go shopping with me as I show you what to buy and what to skip AT THE STORE.

5. BUILD YOUR GARDENARY GARDEN - Follow along with step by step instructions to build your raised beds, trellises and install your garden’s edging.

1. SOIL AND WATER - Learn the Gardenary principles for creating a great soil blend and maintaining a watering system for your Gardenary garden

2. THE SEASONS - Learn the Gardenary seasons for your particular climate so that you know what plants will thrive each month all year long.

3. PLANTING PLANS - Learn over the shoulder with me as I show you how I create planting plans for each and every season so you can create your own too

4. PLANT THE GARDENARY WAY - Watch as I fill a new kitchen garden from start to finish using the Gardenary Plate Planting Method

1. TEND THE GARDENARY WAY - Follow along with me in the garden to learn the five key tending tasks to do each week to keep a healthy and overflowing kitchen garden

2. HARVEST THE GARDENARY WAY - Follow along with me to learn how to harvest and make the most of everything you’ve grown in your Gardenary Kitchen Garden

Get $1800+ Worth Of Bonuses!

Surprise Bonus!


Organic Pest Control Course

Grow your kitchen garden with confidence, knowing it will survive pests and remain productive and beautiful for many seasons to come.

You'll Also Get These Bonuses


6 Regional Support Calls

You’ll get 6 LIVE hours with a regional garden consultant.


6 Months of Salad Garden

Learn to grow six months of fresh and organic garden salad right outside your back door.


Year-Round Herb Harvests

Set up and grow your own herbs to create a year-round supply of organic herbs for your kitchen.


Kitchen Garden Styles Tour

Step inside 40+ beautiful kitchen gardens I’ve designed to get ideas for your own.


10% Off in the Gardenary Shop

Get your favorite raised beds, trellises & garden tools at a consultant’s discount.


Intensive Planting Method

Learn how to pack in the plants with up close instruction on the Gardenary Plate Planting Method.


Leaves, Roots & Fruit

Get step-by-step instructions for setup, care, and harvest for each category of plants, complete with insightful tips for every level of gardener to grow with their plants.

Kitchen Garden Academy Alumni

Join 4500+ students who've used the Gardenary system to create their dream kitchen garden

"Saved me 10 years of garden confusion in the first two months."

Katt hunsaker

"A wealth of helpful information and inspiration. I always dreamed of my very own kitchen garden. I had zero experience and thought it was not possible because I didn’t have a “green thumb”. Turns out - it is possible for anyone. Thanks to KGA I did it! I learned so much and it was exactly the resource I needed to make my garden dream come true. I now have my own little sanctuary aka “my happy place”. I recommend it to anyone looking for guidance, inspiration, and a kick start in the direction of their newest and joyous experience of gardening!"


"It meets you where ever you are on your gardening journey! … no matter what you think you know or don’t know it will help you, guide you and grow your understanding. Totally worth it!"


"KGA is an incredible tool to equip you in a fun, engaging, helpful way to grow in practical knowledge in your garden! Having all these resources that are such a pleasure to follow at your fingertips is a total game-changer. It’s easy to quickly notice yourself growing in knowledge that boosts your confidence and excitement that makes you eager to dive into the dirt. You will get to watch your plants thrive and observe that you are thriving too!"


"It’s a very informative, simple, and approachable way to build your dream garden. It takes the overwhelm out of starting and empowers one to simply start with steps that create building blocks of information until you arrive at your perfect garden!"


"I always thought I had a black thumb — turns out I just needed the tools. Now I have a thriving garden. I reference the lessons often!"

Kyra hermanson

What's Included

Get the framework and the support you need to set up your kitchen garden this year

Lifetime Access

Access this course for as long as we have it available on our site! Implement this framework at your own pace.

Weekly Support

You'll get access to 6 support calls with the Gardenary team to answer any questions you may have as you implement this course.


Use this support workbook to follow the classes and implement the framework on your own space.


Start your kitchen garden with a thriving commuinty of gardeners.

Don't forget you also get all these bonuses!

Kitchen Garden Academy Alumni

"My go-to resource for my backyard setup & season gardening guide."

Connie Kimsey

"I’m using the course to reimagine my garden area. The inspiration gardens and detailed "how-to" resources have been invaluable, helping me design my plan from start to finish. And I’m confident the step-by-step process provided will make it simple and accessible as I start installing my dream garden."

Dannette Blair

"Forget searching the web for hours this puts all the answers at your finger tips. Now I have a kitchen garden to share with my family that will hold up to the elements for years to come."

Sarah Samuelson

"It has been a fun family adventure!"

Mary McDaniel

"A step-by-step guide to a beautiful hobby."

Kaki Nicotre

"Amazing! There is so much information and you will be inspired."


The 3-step system that takes you from garden idea to harvest in 60 days

What We'll Do Together



Inside the Academy, you'll understand and use the Gardenary method for setting up a kitchen garden perfectly the first time. Save time, money, and frustration using the system that Nicole developed with her personal clients at Rooted Garden and now uses to train hundreds of Garden Coaches around the country.



The Academy takes you far beyond garden setup. Now it's time to fully understand and practice the very best way to plan and plant your kitchen garden. Nicole's signature system for understanding your own seasons and the particularities of plants will remove the confusion and frustrations with planning and planting and make it fun.



Most blog posts and YouTube videos will give you ideas on how to plant. But, the real drama happens when things start growing. As a member of the Academy, you'll know exactly how to tend your garden at each stage and also how to enjoy your productive organic garden that produces harvest after harvest.

Kitchen Garden Academy Alumni

"Nicole led me step by step and gave me the confidence I needed to design and build my new garden boxes. I totally love having fresh greens to harvest every day! We used recycled deck wood to keep the price down. Her 103 soil mix has really made a difference in my ability to grow everything I’ve planted. From buying seeds to harvesting, I’ve had the support needed."

Glenda Pfeifer

"Creating a vegetable garden is very easy with Nicole and KGA."

Lilian Fereira

"Start out easy to build your confidence, and don’t over do it! Make a plan for your dream garden. Include ways to allow expansion, as that will surely happen! Start with easy plants to allow for success, and follow along with Nicole as she gives you great advice that will ease you into container gardening. Learn, plan, grow, and be patient = success!"

Patti Burkholder

"Very detailed and informative."

Beverly Olano

What Members Say About Kitchen Garden Academy

plant decorator
Quoter avatar.

KGA is a great program with tons of information teaching you how to grow a raised bed garden no matter the size of your planting area. Nicole explains every aspect of preparing, maintaining and harvesting a successful garden. Learning her techniques makes gardening easier, more fun and successful with all of the material in one easy-to-access place. Not only are the videos and download written material invaluable to your learning, they are at your fingertips whenever you need a refresher.

plant decorator
Quoter avatar.

"A step by step quide to help you dream and build your dream garden."

Angelia Johnson
plant decorator
Quoter avatar.

Filled with resources and a go-to for a novice gardener because it empowers you to create your own kitchen garden thanks to the support!

Laila Franco

Join Kitchen Garden Academy

Your Investment Includes:

✓ Lifetime access to Kitchen Garden Academy

✓ Kitchen Garden Academy Workbook

BONUS 1: 6 Regional Support Calls

BONUS 2: Year Round Herb Harvests

BONUS 3: 6 Months of Salad Garden

BONUS 4: Intensive Planting Method

BONUS 5: 10% off in the Gardenary Shop

BONUS 6: Kitchen Garden Styles Tour

BONUS 7: Leaves, Roots & Fruit Course

SURPRISE BONUS: Organic Pest Control Course

Over $1800+ Value For Only $297

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out the Kitchen Garden Academy for 1 full year, and if you’re not convinced that the Gardenary way has given you new confidence with the help of a pro, then you can ask for a full refund.

Kitchen Garden Academy Alumni

"It's a MUST HAVE course!"

Mindy Dickason

"I have learned a lot even though I have been gardening for a while. I never knew you could grow tomatoes on a trellis, and I can't wait to see how mine does. I have recommended this to several customers at the nursery where I work."

Carol Flanagan

It has all the tools you need. You can use all of them, or just when you have specific questions.

Caroline Kuhn

Kitchen Garden Academy helped me make my garden dreams come true! Building the kitchen garden of my dreams not only transformed my yard but it transformed my life. The step-by-step process and support of the KGA community have made gardening easy!

Debbie Midcalf

Got Questions?

How long do I have access?

You get lifetime access to all the course, so you can go through it and implement at your own pace.

How do the support calls work?

When you join Kitchen Garden Academy we will assign you a regional coach. Once per week, you'll get a chance to join our group coaching calls with with your coach to respond to any questions you might have.

What if I don't like it?

You get to try out Kitchen Garden Academy for a full year, and if you've watched the videos and you don't love the program the program, we will give you your money back.

I've never gardened before, is this for me?

Yes, this is for you! You get to start small with the Microgreens Course and you can graduate to a full kitchen garden once you're ready with the Academy.

It's cold where I live, should I wait?

If it's cold where you live this is the best time to plan your kitchen garden! This is the perfect time to create your design, and work on your setup, so that you're ready for spring planting.

I don't have a lot of space, will this work for me?

If you have a small space, then you're the person that needs this system the most. The Gardenary system will help you make the most of your space. If you can find at least 16 square feet, then this is for you!

I am busy, can I make this work for me?

This course is for the person who wants access to the proven framework. You won't find yourself ever again looking for Youtube's advice. Inside Kitchen Garden Academy we tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

How much money do I need to spend beyond Kitchen Garden Academy?

A minimum of a few hundred dollars for a basic 4x4 raised bed. You would invest $300-$500 more on the raised bed, the soil, the trellis, and the seeds.

Hey There!


Nicole Johnsey Burke

Nicole Johnsey Burke, Founder of Gardenary, Inc. is on a crusade to bring back the kitchen garden, make gardening a profitable profession again, and basically save the planet one garden at a time. After starting Rooted Garden in 2015, a business that designs, installs and maintains kitchen gardens in Houston, TX, Nicole launched Gardenary, a tech company that’s taught 1000s of students how to garden and trained hundreds of gardeners to start their own garden coach businesses. In early 2020, Nicole launched the Gardenary platform and her breakthrough book, Kitchen Garden Revival, released spring of 2020.

Kitchen Garden Academy Alumni

"Once the joy of my life, now my raised bed traditional gardens had become a nightmare, and I was ready to give up gardening for good. The demolition crew was contracted and had begun tearing out the beds to plant grass. Then I came across KGA. The training breathed life into my dying dream, and I once again had hope that I could have a garden system that wouldn't require all my time. I immediately halted the crew and gave new instructions. Now I have a gorgeous oasis that fills me with joy once again. I am not exaggerating when I say KGA gave me my life back!"


"I loved being part of this group. The knowledge, the step-by-step instructions, and the support from other gardeners and Nicole and the staff were invaluable. It’s more than just a garden; it’s a source of wonder and joy. It never disappoints, and when it does, there are solutions to explore and encouragement. It’s life-changing."


"This garden install was part of a DIY total land and home renovation. We had the elbow grease but lacked the garden know-how. KGA simplified the process from planning to harvest and equipped us with the tools and confidence we needed to make our family’s kitchen garden dreams come true. Thank you, Nicole and KGA. We are forever grateful!"


"I have learned a lot even though I have been gardening for a while."


"Kitchen Garden Academy helped give me the tools for understanding how to create a garden from the ground up that is practical, productive, and pretty. I used to kill every plant given to me and had no idea where to even start to grow my own garden. It has been so satisfying to be able to eat from our garden and even share harvests with friends!"


"KGA is a place to keep your motivation and learn from others' mistakes - when I shared my location and saw issues or problems, I was met with encouragement and permission."


"The investment is worth your time and is an educational hobby. Join!"


"The placement, quality of plants and the soil proved the decades of mistakes that I have made. I wasted time and money on unproductive plants. In less than 6 weeks I am harvesting food. At the price of fresh food, I am so pleased! And I know it is chemical free. If I have questions there are videos for that!"