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Leaves, Roots & Fruit

Get a step-by-step instructions for setup, care, and harvest for each category of plants, complete with insightful tips for every level of gardener to grow with their plants.

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16 Planting Plans to 3x Your Harvests

Get my recommendations on what to grow each season. Access 16 planting plans, 4 for each season, to pack in the plants and produce a lot more in your raised beds.


Customizable Garden Calendar

Know exactly what and when to grow, no matter where you live. Get the exact dates for planting your 2024 kitchen garden.

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Lauren Liess, Author of Feels Like Home

The Perfect Companion to My Garden Walks

“The garden is one of my favorite parts of home… it grounds me and makes me feel free. Nicole’s new book, Leaves, Roots and Fruit, is the perfect companion to my garden walks giving me new insights and a fresh perspective on the plants I love so much. Her book simplifies the process of learning to garden in an easy to use format and the photos are gorgeous. Highly recommend!”

Jennifer Jewell, creator and host of the award-winning public radio program & podcast, Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History & The Human Impulse to Garden

Nicole Burke has Demystified Gardening

Nicole Burke has done it again. With her sunny disposition and seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm, Nicole has demystified the process of basic backyard, small scale gardening for food or flowers into a simple and easy to follow step system. If you have not yet become a gardener but think you might want to, or you have not yet “mastered” gardening in your earliest attempts and want to - Nicole’s got you covered. In her newest “Leaves, Roots & Fruit, A Step-By-Step Guide to Planting an Organic Kitchen Garden” she will take you by the hand, and walk you through the steps in word and image, physically and intellectually, to beautifully and deliciously grow you into the kitchen gardener you want to be!

Myquillyn Smith, New York Times Bestselling author of Welcome Home

Required Reading

Should be required reading before any tomato plants are sold to anyone anywhere. Nicole taught me this concept years ago and I've never forgotten it.

Jessica Honegger, Author of Imperfect Courage, Host of Going Scared Podcast

The Perfect Book

Leaves, Roots and Fruit is the perfect book to help you add the habit of gardening into your everyday life-even if you've never thought to call yourself a 'gardener.'

Do you dream of walking through your own kitchen garden with baskets full of delicious food you grew yourself?

Stop thinking you don’t have enough space, sun, time, or experience! In this book you'll learn how to match a plant’s needs to your own resources, you’re just one step away from success in the kitchen garden.

About The Author

Meet your new garden coach

Nicole Johnsey Burke

Nicole Johnsey Burke, Founder of Gardenary, Inc. is on a crusade to bring back the kitchen garden, make gardening a profitable profession again, and basically save the planet one garden at a time. After starting Rooted Garden in 2015, a business that designs, installs and maintains kitchen gardens in Houston, TX, Nicole launched Gardenary, a tech company that’s taught 1000s of students how to garden and trained hundreds of gardeners to start their own garden coach businesses. In early 2020, Nicole launched the Gardenary platform and her breakthrough book, Kitchen Garden Revival, released spring of 2020.

Learn My Gardening System

Part 1: The Leaves, Roots & Fruit System

✔︎ Grow with Your Plants

✔︎ Set Up for Success

Part 2: Leaves

✔︎ Step 1: Sprouts, Shoots & Microgreens

✔︎ Step 2: Herbs

✔︎ Step 3: Salad Garden

Part 3: Roots

✔︎ Step 4: Roots

✔︎ Step 5: Tubers, Bulbs & Rhizomes

Part 4: Fruits

✔︎ Step 6: Small Fruit

✔︎ Step 7: Large Fruit

✔︎ Step 8: Seeds

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