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Grow Your Self with Nicole Burke

Surprising stories about the food you eat every day, plus helpful tips so you can start growing some herbs, salad, and vegetables yourself. Hosted by Nicole Burke, Owner of Rooted Garden and Gardenary Inc., Grow Yourself will wake you up to the wonder that's sitting on your plate and inspire you to change your life by growing in a garden of your very own.

Hear the surprising story behind the growing popularity of kale

Kale Yeah! 004

Hear the story behind the crazy growing popularity of kale, its history, best ways to grow it, and how kale stacks up against spinach in a food fight

plant decorator

Just finished listening to episode 50 - living a garden centered year. One of my favorites so far! Great way to end this year and ideas for next year. Thank you!

MariselaRB - 12/30/2020
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Grow Your Self with Nicole Burke

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plant decorator

Love the podcasts on a specific vegetable/plant. Great details! I love hearing the history and then learning how to grow and eat it!

jnjohnson3 - 10/29/2020