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Salad Garden Guide Ebook

Learn the step by step to plant, set up, and grow your own organic salad garden and enjoy fresh greens for at least six months each year. Start today with this simple and easy-to-follow guide.

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Grow At Least 6 Months Of Salad Per Year

Learn the step by step to plant, set up, and grow your own organic salad garden and enjoy fresh greens at least six months each year

This extensive Salad Garden Guide was developed from Gardenary's online course: Salad Garden School. 

In this ebook, you'll learn the step by step for every part of developing and growing (and troubleshooting) your own organic salad garden in a raised bed or other container. 

This 100+ page book reads like a conversation between you and Gardenary Founder, Nicole Burke. 

Each chapter is complete with full instructions and detailed graphics as well as clear calls to action to keep you making progress in your own organic salad garden this season and for many seasons to come. 

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Nicole Burke

Nicole Johnsey Burke, the founder of Gardenary, Inc., and the author of Kitchen Garden Revival, is on a mission to bring back the kitchen revival garden and make it an ordinary part of life for everyone, no matter their level of gardening experience. Since starting her own kitchen garden business in 2015, Burke and her company have built hundreds of kitchen gardens, taught thousands of students to create their own through her online courses and Gardenary 365, and trained hundreds of garden consultants through the Garden Coach Society. Her work has been featured by Southern Living, This Old House, Modern Farmer, and the Garden Club of America. She believes kitchen gardens are a step that everyone can take to create positive change. To find more tips and tricks for building your own kitchen garden, visit her online at and download the Gardenary app from your favorite app store.

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