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The Work With Nature Guidebook

In this ebook, you'll learn how to organically treat pest disease in your garden.

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In This Ebook You'll

Understand which pests might hurt your plants and at what time they might appear

Access the organic method to control each pest and disease in your garden

founder of Gardenary, Inc.

Meet Nicole Burke

Nicole Johnsey Burke, the founder of Gardenary, Inc., and the author of Kitchen Garden Revival and Leaves, Roots & Fruit, is on a mission to bring back the kitchen garden and make it an ordinary part of life for everyone, no matter their level of gardening experience. Since starting her own kitchen garden business in 2015, Burke and her company have built hundreds of kitchen gardens, taught thousands to garden through Kitchen Garden Academy, and trained over 1,000 garden consultants through Gardenary Consultant Certification. Her work has been featured by Southern Living, This Old House, Modern Farmer, and the Garden Club of America. She believes kitchen gardens are a step that everyone can take to create positive change.