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Garden for Health
Published June 1, 2020 by Nicole Burke

Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

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Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

Grow Your Self This Summer with Gardenary

With so many challenges before us, it's now more important than ever to grow ourselves, to plant seeds of hope, to take care of our health and to share with our communities.

Over the next 90 days, Gardenary challenges you to Grow Your Self with us.

We want to help you grow physically and mentally and we'll show you how the garden can help.

We're here to create a world of 'gardeners' who work to grow positive change, first in ourselves and then in our communities.

And this summer, we're excited to do that with you.

Grow Your Self Summer Challenge
Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

Set Goals

One of the best ways to grow your self is to set goals for your self. Studies show that when we write down a goal, we're exponentially more likely to make it happen.

So, take time to write down three big goals you'll head toward each day this summer.

Key to setting great goals is writing things you'll complete, steps you'll get done, rather than saying, 'I'm working on x.'

A great goal for a day is:

'I'll exercise for 30 minutes today.'

'I'll submit my story today.'

'I'll contact three people in my community today.'

'I'll write a letter to .... and send it.'

No goal is too small to list. In fact, it's checking off the little things that can give us a huge sense of accomplishment and get us going in the right direction. Don't forget the law of inertia-it's hard to stop a moving object and it's hard to get a resting object into motion.

So, get yourself moving and you'll find it's easier to keep going than to stop. I promise.

Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

Get Growing

This summer, commit to grow something, anything, commit to growing a garden, no matter the size. Every little seed counts.

Go ahead and call yourself a 'gardener,' and call your space a 'kitchen garden.'

It can be a pot of chives or a big raised garden space.

The growth starts simply with identity. Gardening is a human endeavor, it's what's kept us alive and going as a species for thousands of years.

So, don't worry about that idea of a 'green thumb' and commit to growing some food for your self and others this summer.

Commit to plant one new seed a week (or many more if you'd like!).

You'll find inspiration and instruction to keep you growing all summer long.

But commit now to getting your garden started and planting a seed each week for the next 90 days.

Grow Your Self Summer Challenge
Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

Get Moving

Our bodies and minds are connected in ways we are just starting to understand. When you get up and get moving, you do so much more than get stronger and healthier, you also think better, feel better and do better.

Commit to moving your body for 30 minutes each day, to getting outside for 30 minutes a day, and to staying off your screen for a period of the day while you focus on your body.

Start by walking or jogging or running. Whatever is easiest and helps you get moving, just put on those shoes and start.

We'll be here inspiring you to move your body, raise your heart rate and feel better all summer long.

Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

Get Connected

We don't just need to grow ourselves, we need to grow together.

Commit to connecting this summer in new ways. Learn more about your own community and commit to do a little each day to make change for the better.

One of the simplest ways to connect is to find your local farmers' market and shop there each week. Sign up for a CSA or even visit a local farm if they're offering pick ups or u-pick days.

Farmers and food gardeners need our support now more than ever, so connect to the local heroes growing food for you and your community.

Share a meal or a big harvest. Pick someone to share something you've bought from the Farmers market or harvested yourself.

Start with your neighbor, then consider a local shelter or organization feeding kids in need this summer. Get creative and don't let the voice in your head that tells you your little harvest won't make a difference.

Every thing counts so share a little thing and see how it adds up.

I learned from Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that if we all ate just one locally sourced meal per week, we'd reduce US fuel consumption by millions of barrels, literally.

When you eat from local sources, you'll learn more about those supporting your local food system and believe it or not, you'll connect in new ways with some of the best people in your community.

Grow Your Self Summer Challenge

Join the Gardenary Community

Join the Gardenary community on Instagram and share posts from your own garden using the #growyourself and #gramyourgarden hashtags so we can find one another.

Follow the prompts and inspire others as you grow to grow alongside you. We can't wait to see your posts and be inspired by how you're growing all month long.

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