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Start the Simplest Way

the Herb Garden Guide

Learn the major herb families, set up your own herb raised bed planter, plant, tend and harvest your own


Never buy grocery store herbs again.

Learn to Grow Salad

Salad School

Set up a raised cedar garden, fill with great soil, learn the salad garden plant families, make a planting plan, tend, and harvest your own fresh salad greens.


Taste the most delicious greens ever and skip grocery salad for months at a time

Set Up Your Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden Academy

Learn all the details of kitchen garden set up, planting, tending and harvesting for every season of the year.


Become a Kitchen Garden Expert with this one of a kind Mastery Course. Sign up now. Class starts January 28!

Grab Your Spot in the Kitchen Garden Academy

Learn every step of the kitchen garden process

Kitchen Garden Academy

The Academy is Nicole Burke's compilation of lessons learned from gardening in five different zones and working with more than 200 Rooted Garden clients. When you graduate from the Academy, you'll be a confident gardener, knowing exactly what to do and when and enjoying your beautiful kitchen garden in 2020 and beyond.

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Want to find out more before starting a course?