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You're an Herb Gardener

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It's official: I'm an Herb Gardener

Just took the Green Thumb Quiz and clearly I have one, Gardenary said so

You're an Herb Gardener

Congrats! Turns out you have a Green Thumb after all. And good news? Growing herbs will give you the biggest return on your kitchen garden investment. So, even though you may be growing in a smaller area, we're not talking small change when it comes to the harvests you're going to pull in. So, grab your spade, dig in and let's grow some herbs together.

We see overflowing herb gardens in your future, and your future looks beautiful.

If you're just starting out in the garden or don't have loads of space to grow, herb gardens are the way to go. But, don't be fooled by the fact that herbs don't take up loads of space or are perfect for beginner gardeners: growing herbs is going to make you feel like a Garden to Table pro. A

And you're not going to believe the flavor difference.

Oregano for homemade pizza? Cilantro for Taco Tuesday? Mint for homemade tea? Basil for pesto pasta?

You'll find it all in your herb garden and also find yourself super duper happy when you're skipping past the plastic boxes of packaged herbs from California at the grocery store.

You can get started with just a small container and still grow enough herbs to satisfy the Green Thumb in you.

So, pick a project, and let's dig in!

Here's How to Keep Growing

Herb Garden Guidebook
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The Herb Garden Guidebook is an ebook that will bring you step by step through the herb garden set up, planting and harvesting process in a simple and beautiful ebook.

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