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Official Kitchen Gardener

You've Got Kitchen Gardener Status

Congrats! You're ready to take this plant lover thing to a whole new level-a kitchen garden level. You're ready for the full set up, to know all the details, and the step by step to make your kitchen garden beautiful and productive. So, let's make that happen together. Don't worry: we'll guide you the whole way inside the Kitchen Garden Academy.
plant decorator

Got my test results back: I'm an Official Kitchen Gardener! (Gardenary says so)

Set up a garden coach session
Our Gardenary Coaches Can Help You Get Your Garden Set Up

Set Up a Garden Coach Session Right Away

You're officially ready to take your Green Thumb to a whole new level. 

So, let's go! Our favorite thing at Gardenary is helping you plan, set up, and grow your own kitchen garden. And we've got lots of ways to help you do just that. 

Grab a seat in our signature course, Kitchen Garden Academy, a six week course that guides you from start to harvest in your own beautiful kitchen garden. Or, find a garden coach in your area and get set up. Check the map for your region and find a coach that knows how to garden where you live!